Summer Program

Summer School

Our Summer School Program starts July - August 2021

Programs and Class Schedules

Toddler 2-3 yrs old

8:00 Morning Care

9:00 Circle Time

9:15 Snack Time

9:45 Montessori Work Time

10:15 Circle Time

10:30 Outdoor Play

11;00 Dance/Song/Music Time

11:30 Lunch Time/ Potty Training

12:30 Nap Time

2:30 Story Time

3:00 Afternoon Day Care 

Primary 3-5 yrs old

8:00 Morning Care

9:00 Montessori Work Time/Snack

10:30 Mandarin Class

11:00 P.E. Outdoor Play

11:30 Lunch Time

12:00 Circle Time

12:30 Nap Time

2:30 Story/Music Time

3:00 Afternoon Day Care

Kindergarten up to 6 yrs old

8:00 Morning Care

9:00 Mandarin Class

9:30 Montessori Work Time/ Snack

11:00 Theme Activity

11:30 P.E./ Outdoor Play

12:00 Lunch

12:30 Resting Time

1:00 Group Lesson

1:30 Story/Music Time

2:00 Outdoor Play

2:30 Circle Time

3:00 Afternoon Day Care


  • Movie Night 5:40-7:30pm
    Dinner will be provided by school

  • Water Play Day
    Please bring beach towel and bathing suit
  • Petting Zoo
    If your child has allergy to any animal, please notify teacher prior.


  • K.I.E. Students (Maintain current rate)
  • Non K.I.E. Students (Extra $70/month)

***Minimum enrollment 1 month***

***Tuition is non-refundable or non-credited***


  1. Activities, events, and schedules may change without notice.

  2. Any cancellation must be notify to school 30 days prior to the attendance. Cancellation fee of $200 will be charged if notification received in less than 30 days.

  3. If any designated Summer School activity is not suitable for your child’s physical condition, please notify teacher in advance.

  4. Routine COVID-19 Safety Plan will remain the same.

How To Enroll

1.Download and complete the enrollment page.
Send it to

2. You will receive a confirmation email.

3. Please make a payment before July 5th, 2021.